Dr. Brian Postl
Winnipeg, MB - 2023

“Family medicine is at the heart of our health system and plays a pivotal role in improving and maintaining the health and well-being of Canadians.“ After earning a degree in medicine from the University of Manitoba in 1976, Dr. Brian Postl embarked on a highly decorated career until his retirement in 2022. Dr. Postl advocates […]

Dr. Lynn Ashdown
Ottawa, ON - 2023

Dr. Lynn Ashdown has forged a unique path in the medical field, started at the University of Ottawa and fueled by her passion for patient advocacy and family medicine. When close to finishing her residency, her path took a turn following significant injuries, transforming her into a full-time patient and developing expertise in patient experience. […]

Elder Roberta Price


“I will always be grateful for my ancestors and anyone who has mentored me. Without them, I would not have the wisdom to give.” For over 30 years, Elder Roberta Price has actively shared her leadership, wisdom, and teachings at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and throughout British Columbia’s lower mainland to assist Indigenous […]

Dr. Katherine Smart


“I believe sustainable primary care with family doctors at the helm is essential to a high-quality Canadian health care system.” From a young age, Dr. Katherine Smart harboured a passion for improving children’s health care services. In 2001 Dr. Smart completed her doctorate in medicine from the University of British Columbia, commencing her professional endeavours. […]

Shelley Ross, PHD

Dr. Shelley Ross, PhD
Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Shelley Ross is passionate about medical education, teaching, and research. She has always enjoyed education and obtained her teaching certification in 2001. Working early in her career at a self-paced high school gave her a unique perspective on how people learn. This experience motivated her to develop a deeper understanding of how to support effective teaching, […]

Dr . Craig Campbell

Dr. Craig M. Campbell
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Craig M. Campbell is a specialist in internal medicine and an international leader in continuing professional development (CPD). He is an associate professor; the Director, Curriculum; and the Director, Curriculum Renewal, for the Undergraduate Medical Education program in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He served the family medicine community for […]

B Henry

Dr. Bonnie Henry

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Bonnie Henry’s delivery of daily media updates as British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer garnered praise from around the world for her even-keeled, empathetic, and evidence-based approach. Her gentle reminder to “Be kind, be calm, and be safe” inspired confidence in the provincial government’s response to the crisis. […]

Dr. Jude Kornelsen

Dr. Jude Kornelsen
Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Jude Kornelsen is the Co-Director for the Centre for Rural Health Research at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Family Practice, and Co-Principal Investigator of the Rural Maternity Care New Emerging Team. A health services researcher, she is currently involved in two programs of research: one focused on providing an evidence base to […]

Dr Douglas Henley

Dr. Douglas Henley
Leawood, Kansas

Dr. Douglas Henley has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) since 2000, where he works with a board of directors on the mission, strategy, and vision for the AAFP and serves as a trustee on the board of directors for the AAFP Foundation. He […]