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Family physicians are in crisis  as they try to provide their very best to care for their patients while propping up a failing health care system. As a result, family doctors are working longer hours, suffocating under administrative burden, or leaving the profession altogether. The CFPC has expressed its decisive stance on this crisis with the campaign aptly named #stopwaiting!, and identified the prescription for change.

The FAFM’s 2023 Annual Giving Campaign raises funds to support the CFPC in solving the crisis in family medicine.  More specifically, it is directed to sustaining the initiatives being undertaken by the #stopwaiting campaign. The ultimate goal is at the core of the CFPC and the FAFM’s mandates: to alleviate the current challenges in primary care, the foundation of health care in Canada’s health care system, thereby improving access to care all in Canada.

The FAFM, as the CFPC’s dedicated philanthropic partner is ready to act in support of the CFPC and of the family physicians the College represents.

This year’s Annual Giving Campaign has set the ambitious goal of raising $250,000 by fiscal year end, on February 29th, 2024. This goal, double the goals of previous campaigns, will enable the FAFM to expand its reach to fuel the #stopwaiting initiatives while continuing to raise funds to support the important education and research priorities of the CFPC.

Thank you for contributing to the FAFM’s Annual Giving Campaign in these challenging times. You have the power to move the needle in family medicine and resolve the most pressing challenges affecting family physicians today.

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