What happens when you donate to the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM)?

When you donate to the FAFM, your donations support:

  • Priority initiatives, such as:
    • General Fund—supports the Foundation’s priority initiatives that are in the greatest need
    • Family medicine research—produces the evidence that supports clinical practice and helps promote the value of family medicine as a cornerstone of the Canadian health care system
  • Family medicine initiatives, such as:
    • Prevention in Hand (PiH) website and mobile application—a Canadian-focused, valuable health care resource that enables easy access to current peer-reviewed clinical information about the prevention of chronic diseases
    • The Besrour Centre—a centre designed to advance family medicine globally with the expertise of the CFPC

Each year, your donations help fund hundreds of awards, grants, and scholarships through the CFPC Honours and Awards program. These reach family physicians, medical students, and residents, and help support them in their studies, research, and physician care. Working closely together, the FAFM and the Honours and Awards program support learning opportunities, continuing education initiatives, and research in family medicine across Canada.

Donate today, and support family physicians in the pursuit of education, research, and service through philanthropy!