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Thank you for your application to the Open Call Workplace Integrated Demonstration Projects Grant (WID). Please be advised that, due to the high number of proposals we received through this program, we have extended the review period. The results of the adjudication process will be communicated during the week of March 27, instead of the week of march 13 as previously planned.
Funded projects will be allowed to extend their projects by two weeks to compensate for the delayed start date.  We thank you for your understanding.


Team Primary Care – Training for Transformation is an initiative to enhance the capacity of interprofessional, comprehensive primary care (CPC[1]) practitioners through improved training, team supports and planning tools. Co-led by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Canadian Health Workforce Network in partnership with over 65 health professional and educational organizations across Canada, Team Primary Care is an interprofessional project of the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine funded by the Government of Canada’s Employment and Social Development Canada program.

Team Primary Care supports projects that aim to develop the capacity and adaptability of the CPC workforce, as well as sustain the adoption and/or optimization of interprofessional teams for the delivery of comprehensive primary care. It is focused on creating and improving training and mentoring for primary care practitioners that will optimize the delivery of comprehensive primary care as per approaches such as the Patient’s Medical Home, as well as other conceptual models. It seeks to create opportunities for interprofessional teams (practitioners working together and optimizing their expertise) to apply their discipline-specific expertise to create new ways of practising comprehensive primary care.


As part of Team Primary Care, the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM) is launching an open call for proposals supporting primary care practitioners and teams in augmenting and optimizing interprofessional team-based care in their practices/clinics. 

[1] For the purposes of this RFP, we define comprehensive primary care as: the type of care health care practitioners provide working collaboratively, committed to the delivery of continuity of care, to a defined practice population of patients/clients that spans across the life cycle, offered in multiple clinical and community settings, addressing a spectrum of health issues (from prevention to acute to chronic disease, intrapartum, emergency and palliative care).

Funding up to $200,000 CAD is available for projects to:

  • Option a) Enhance existing interprofessional primary care practices to deliver improved comprehensive primary care through individual health care practitioner and team-based training, mentorship and/or coaching interventions.
  • Option b) Create a new interprofessional primary care team. New teams must include a minimum of three members, including one family physician and additional health professionals.
  • Option c) Expand an existing team by adding one or more new team members from health professions not represented in the original team, to deliver comprehensive primary care.

Options b) and c) must include a plan for individual and/or team-based training, mentorship and coaching interventions.

New team members may include (but are not limited to): nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physician assistants, mental health providers, rehabilitation providers, dietitians, midwives, home and community care, EMS, case managers, care coordinators, community health workers, health promoters, cultural support workers, traditional healers, harm reduction experts, complementary therapists, peer workers or executive primary care leadership. 

We encourage the inclusion of a greater variety of practitioners in interprofessional teams.


Applicants may apply to option a), b) or c).  All proposals must meet the following requirements:

  • Conduct a project evaluation focused on, among other aspects, the process of integrating new health professionals, the impact of training and facilitation on overall team and team-based functioning and effectiveness, and the impact on patient and provider experience and care outcomes (including consideration of the Quintuple Aim).
  • Participate and interact with other Team Primary Care partners and projects to share learnings and to explore opportunities for spread and scale. This includes virtual attendance at planned webinars and meetings, and for two representatives of the project to attend an in-person at a 2-day conference at the end of the funding cycle (funding for travel and accommodations must be built into the proposal).

Explain how the results of your project could be used by other primary care practitioners outside your community to advance the delivery of comprehensive primary care.

  • Explain how you will ensure the sustainability of team-based comprehensive primary care after the completion of the funded project.
  • In addition, successful applicants must agree to participate and contribute to the Team Primary Care evaluation process.

Those applying for option b) and c), incorporating two or more new types of primary care providers into an existing primary care practice, must:

  • Describe their process for integrating a new team member(s), facilitating new ways of working inter-professionally and expected changes in how the team practices, and the anticipated impact of interprofessional comprehensive primary care practice on the team and patient care.

Project proposals focused on the following will be prioritized:

  • Integration of new team members and the optimization of interprofessional comprehensive primary care that addresses specific community and/or patient needs, including Indigenous Health and Well Being, care of marginalized populations, including those who are homeless, people who use substances, new immigrants and refugees, rural populations, or patients with multi-morbidities.
  • The delivery of interprofessional comprehensive primary care grounded in practices that reflect principles of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility.
  • Interprofessional comprehensive primary care projects that support the Calls to Action for Truth and Reconciliation and specifically aim to incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing to support culturally safe delivery of care.


Grant launch January 27, 2023
Information session February 3, 2023 3:15-4:15 PM
Question by email response deadline Within 48 hours of receipt
Application deadline February 20, 2023 5:00 PM
Notice of decision Week of March 13, 2023

Applicants will be formally notified of the funding adjudication results during the week of March 13, 2023. All applicants are eligible to receive feedback on their application from the Adjudication Committee. All Adjudication Committee decisions are irrevocable.

Successful applicants will be required to confirm project start and end dates within the allowed timeframe. We are unable to grant any extensions to project timelines.

Funded projects will be required to provide quarterly financial and milestone reports and one final outcomes report.



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