The organization I work for is actually already planning a demonstration project to integrate allied health professionals into several Fee for Service primary care clinics on a trial basis to better integrate health care services. That part of the project is already funded in partnership with our Health Authority, but we would like to use the grant money to add a practice facilitator who can coordinate the administrative aspects of that process and identify key learnings to make the model portable and sustainable in the future.

Given this context, my first question is whether the budget required for the application needs to contain all elements of the larger project that are already funded, or just what the requested grant money will go towards (i.e. the practice facilitator)?

Second, I was wondering if the rubrics for the selection process have been completed yet and, if so, if I may have a copy?

The addition of a practice facilitator and the focus on building sustainability and transferability of the learnings fits within the scope of the grant.

The RFP mentions ” …for two representatives of the project to attend an in-person at a 2-day conference at the end of the funding cycle (funding for travel and accommodations must be built into the proposal).Can you provide more details?

No decision has been made yet on the location of the conference.

Have specific criteria been established for selecting the proposals that will be funded?

The main requirements of proposed projects are described in the RFP site. Review principles are closely aligned with these requirements.

Are you looking more to fund very defined and limited projects (such as a refugee program), or more generalizable projects that could have an impact across Canada (broader improvement of clinic wide performance at the family health group level). We have a large need in Montreal for a multidisciplinary team to help recent arrivals from Ukraine, translation, physio, mental health – there are maybe 5 Ukrainian Speaking GPs in the province, but only 2 are doing walk in, part time… Is this the sort of project that would applicable?

The WID grant program is focused on creating the infrastructure to deliver primary care through interdisciplinary teams. Sustainability, capacity for broad impact across Canada and adaptability to the needs of patient communities will be prioritized.

Can projects approved for curricula/training grants apply for funding through the WID Open Call?

Yes, projects with curricula/training grants may also apply for team optimization grants.

I am reviewing the criteria for applying for the interdisciplinary grant. I am looking to apply for the the G.R.O.W. Clinic which is a registered charity that provides pre- and post-natal care and pediatrics care for patients without a family doctor who meet our criteria (newcomers, low income, etc.). We are looking to hire a NP, physiotherapist, OTs, SLPs, mental health support, and social workers to better meet the needs of our community. Would we qualify for this grant?

Yes, based on Option c) Expand an existing team by adding one or more new team members from health professions not represented in the original team, to deliver comprehensive primary care.

Can WID funding be used to cover increasing expenses within the clinic due to inflation?

WID funding will not cover budget deficits.

Can budget include outreach vehicle to expand outreach to encampments?

The project must fit within the 3 options outlined in the RFP. If outreach is embedded within your project, it will be considered.

Can it be used for administrative technology eg online booking, patientserv, ocean platform, interac payments etc. that help clinic efficiency

The project must fit within the 3 options outlined in the RFP. If technology is embedded within your project, it will be considered.

Can it be used for capitol investment to change our space to accommodate other practitioners?

WID funding cannot be used for capital improvements to the clinic space. Please refer to budget outlines in the application form.

Can it be used for physician remuneration and/or physician stipends?

WID funding can be used for compensation for individuals involved in the proposed project. Please refer to budget outlines in the application form.

Can it be used to hire GP psychotherapist?

Yes, as part of the proposed project.

Can it include the cost of hiring a nurse practitioner to extend access to appointments?

Yes, these are allowable costs.

Can RPN, IMG be hired?


Can the funds be used for hiring clinical roles , like nurse in practice?


Can the funding be used to hire a nurse focused on Diabetes and chronic disease? Or a GP psychotherapist?


How does it apply in a fee for service setting?

The WID Open Call applied to a fee-for-service practice could support one or more IHPS and provide training in the delivery of interprofessional primary care

Does FAFM provide any research administration support for the lifetime of the grant, or should we be building in a request for funding for administrative and accounting purposes?

Proposal budget requests should include all foreseeable costs. The FAFM will not cover additional costs beyond the approved WID funding.

  1. Can the grant money be used to set up a clinic or space dedicated to multidisciplinary teams? Rent/lease etc?

  2. What it the time line the project must be completed? If yes to rent/lease, in Vancouver, it takes forever to get permits going etc, so will extensions be allowed?

  3. Can we submit more than one proposal?

WID grant funding cannot be used for capital improvements to clinics. You may submit more than one proposal but only one per team will be funded.

How many grants will be awarded or what is the total $ available to be awarded?

We are distributing $3.8 million amongst successful applicants to both calls for proposals. We anticipate that 20-22 projects will be awarded in total, of which about half of this number through the Open Call.

When will the funds be distributed to approved projects?

Successful applicants will be contacted during the week of March 13. A funding agreement will be shared immediately after and funds will be disbursed following signing of the agreement.

Are you going to fund rural vs. urban communities equally?

We are going to fund the projects that align most closely with the principles of the Team Primary Care project, and demonstrate adherence to the focus of the proposal.

How will decisions be made on which proposals to fund?

An arm’s length adjudication team will review all proposals.

Is the focus here on actually funding individual clinical staff, or if we have the team (just forming) can we use these funds to learn to optimize it?

One of the options is to optimize the existing team.

Is the money meant to pay for the income of the new inter professional role – ie social worker etc. and then use that individual for the training component?

Yes, this is what the funds can be used.

Is there a role for this work to also enhance the providers’ experience/reduce admin burden?

If there is a role created to help foster interprofessional collaboration, which could include admin support would be an acceptable approach.

Can WID funding be used to reduce administrative support?

It may apply if you can make the case for a new role to reduce admin burden help to create ‘space’ for greater interprofessionalism.

Are there any exclusions for clinics or physicians that are attached to Primary Care Networks?

There is no exclusion for projects from team-based models.

Can OHT submit an application?

Yes, any regional authority can apply to the open as long as they fulfil all RFP requirements.

Does the application allow for collaboration? Or can we have a sharable Word version?

The platform allows to save unfinished proposals and resume working on them later. You can share your login credentials to give access to multiple writers.

Does this grant need to show how this “position” would be sustainable after the grant?


If the project focus is to embed interprofessionalism, what would we do after Feb 2024 when there is no funding?

We’re only able to provide funds to the end of Feb 2024. The application also has a section where you will be required to speak to sustainability.

Is it for single sites or could it relate to a group of sites?

Group of sites would be acceptable.

Is it helpful to have letters of support for the application from multiple stake holders? Is there a limit to the number of letters of support for an ideal application?

We do not require letters of support.

Is it possible to use this funding to provide inter-professional resources to a number of primary care clinics in helping them to navigate to services for their patients?

Yes, this fits with the parameters of the funding.

Is there an opportunity for ongoing funding? At House Calls, we hope to expand the allied health professionals funded on the team, but we are hoping for ongoing funding.

We’re only able to provide funds to the end of Feb 2024. The application also has a section where you will be required to speak to sustainability

What is the role of Team Primary Care for the successful applicants after project approval, and through until 2024?

Team Primary Care will convene meetings and webinars for successful applicants to meet and share learnings and best practices. The team, along with other experts, is also available to provide advice to the funded projects and guide them to available resources as needed.

Who can we contact for assistance with the application as we work on it?

Contact [email protected].

Following up on earlier voicemail:

  1. We would need to submit an expression of interest for the grant?;

  2. Are only not-for-profit organizations permitted to apply or can it be a for-profit organization as well?

No letter of intent is needed. The grant is for primary care clinics.

Can new interprofessional team members be integrated to health authority run clinics (APP), or fee for service clinics?

Yes, as long as they fulfil all RFP requirements

  1. We have two relatively small initiatives that we would like to propose, both focus on enhancing training/expanding the scope of our small multi-disciplinary clinic. Would we submit this as one application or should it be done in two separate applications?

  2. Will applications be approved or declined in entirety or is there a scenario where the entire ask/project may not be accepted but a portion would be funded?

  3. If our application were to be accepted, what is the expectation for attending meetings/submitting reports throughout the year?

  4. If an application is accepted, is there an avenue to decline or cease the project at any point if the above requirements become too time-consuming. This would not be our goal by any means but we are trying to be realistic as there is no admin support available in our small clinic for creating the application and participating in meetings/reports throughout the year.


  1. If the two projects are related, please submit as one project.

  2. As with any grant program, the budget component of your request will be reviewed for adherence to the guidelines and amendments may be requested as necessary.

  3. We will require quarterly reports and a final report, including the results of your project evaluation.

  4. We strive to use available funding judiciously. WE will expect that funded projects will be brought to completion as per the funding agreement.