Honours and Awards is a program of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (FAFM). The Honours and Awards Committee is accountable to the Boards of Directors of the CFPC and the FAFM.


Applicants for awards or grants may belong to the following membership categories:

    • Active Members, as defined by the CFPC Membership Policy (Non-Member Mainpro+® Participants are not eligible)
    • Senior Members
    • Associate Members, depending on individual award criteria
    • Resident Members, depending on individual award criteria
    • Student Members, depending on individual award criteria

Applicants, other than medical students and family medicine residents, must have been a member in good standing for a minimum of one year before applying for awards or grants.

Applying for a grant or an award more than once

A member who has received a grant or an award must wait three consecutive years before applying for the same grant or award.

Members who have not received a grant or an award can apply for the same grant or award in subsequent years, depending on eligibility and timelines.

Members can submit multiple applications for the same grant or award if the programs/projects are different, depending on eligibility and timelines. For example, if you are interested in several continuing professional development (CPD) activities, you can submit more than one application for a Janus CPD Grant.

Members can submit multiple applications for different grants or awards for the same program/project, depending on eligibility and timelines. For example, you may be interested in a palliative care traineeship and could consider applying for a Janus CPD Grant and a C. Robert Kemp Palliative Care Grant, depending on eligibility and timelines.

Members who apply for multiple awards and are chosen as the recipient of more than one may be asked to choose only one award.

CFPC staff eligibility

CFPC staff are not eligible to apply for grants from the FAFM. CFPC staff may contribute to the work of a project, but they cannot be named as the principal researcher or co-researcher on the grant application.

Staff who plan to be contributors must receive pre-approval from their director/supervisor prior to their involvement in the project.

Staff are not eligible to nominate someone for any of our awards or grants. They can, however, provide a letter of support for a nomination if they are not part of the selection or reviewing committees. When the staff member is providing a letter of support they must sign it as an individual and not as a CFPC employee.

Award/grant selection committee members and application reviewers

Each award/grant has a CFPC committee or working group assigned to it. This committee or working group is responsible for reviewing and scoring all submitted applications/nominations for that award/grant.

The chair and members of these committees and working groups are ineligible to submit a nomination, apply or receive the award/grant that they are responsible for evaluating and scoring.

How grants are paid

Payments will be made following receipt of a signed Social Insurance Number form.

Unless other arrangements are required and requested, 50 per cent of the funds will be provided at the time the award is announced. The remaining 50 per cent of funds will be released upon the completion of the grant requirement.

Payments will be issued in the name of the applicant/principal investigator and will be considered part of your personal income in the fiscal year in which they are received. The FAFM will issue a statement of income (T4A information slip) at the end of the year for these amounts.

Requests can be made to redirect payments. Grants are financed through the FAFM, which is legally bound by its Articles of Incorporation and by the Income Tax Act to make payments to a CFPC member or to a similar charitable organization that has charity status under the Income Tax Act. To comply with a request to redirect the grant payments we require the legal name of the charity and the charity’s registration number.

Payments for research grants will be released following the receipt of approval from an ethics review board. Research grants will be awarded conditionally upon confirmation of approval from a research ethics board within one year of awarding the grant.

Acknowledgement and endorsement

Acknowledgement of funding from the FAFM of the CFPC is required in all communications, presentations, and publications supported by an award, grant, or scholarship. The views expressed in such communications are the views of the recipient and do not necessarily reflect those of the FAFM and/or the CFPC. Receipt of funding does not constitute FAFM or CFPC endorsement, and the logos and names of the FAFM and CFPC cannot be used to promote a study or project funded by the FAFM without official FAFM or CFPC approval or endorsement. For information on the CFPC endorsement process please visit the CFPC website.