Dr. Howard Bergman
Montreal, QC - 2022

“Whether through my work as an educator, or policymaker, the one clear thread has been promoting family medicine as the foundation of all sustainable health care systems.” Dr. Howard Bergman has contributed to sustainable health care systems from the early days of his career, building on his lifelong fondness for relationships with families, individuals, and […]

Elder Roberta Price


“I will always be grateful for my ancestors and anyone who has mentored me. Without them, I would not have the wisdom to give.” For over 30 years, Elder Roberta Price has actively shared her leadership, wisdom, and teachings at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and throughout British Columbia’s lower mainland to assist Indigenous […]

Dr. Katherine Smart


“I believe sustainable primary care with family doctors at the helm is essential to a high-quality Canadian health care system.” From a young age, Dr. Katherine Smart harboured a passion for improving children’s health care services. In 2001 Dr. Smart completed her doctorate in medicine from the University of British Columbia, commencing her professional endeavours. […]