Dr. Marshall Godwin

“Family medicine has provided me with a life I have enjoyed immensely. Besides being a family doctor, I know nothing else. That’s who I am and who I will always be.” Dr. Marshall Godwin’s passion for family medicine sparked an early interest in pursuing a career in primary care. In 1977 Dr. Godwin completed his […]

Dr. Frederick Burge
Halifax, Nova-Scotia

“Family medicine has enabled me to bring the world of patients, learners, researchers, and health system decision makers together to build a more promising future in primary care.” After acquiring a doctorate in medicine from Queen’s University in the 1970s, Dr. Frederick Burge gravitated toward advancing health care and focusing on patients facing chronic end-of-life […]

dr rick glazier

Dr. Rick Glazier
Toronto, ON

Dr. Rick Glazier is a well-known family physician and a pioneer in primary health care service delivery research. During his career he has made a significant impact on how we think about population health and what we can do collectively to improve access to high-quality care for everyone. Dr. Glazier has brought clarity to key […]


Dr. James Irvine
La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Dr. James Irvine grew up in a small town in a rural area of Saskatchewan, where connections and relationships within the community were valued and social responsibility was an integral part of being a physician. His desire to pursue family medicine solidified during a summer externship, during which he witnessed the benefits of having physicians […]

Dr. Susan Phillips/Dre Susan Phillips

Dr. Susan Phillips
Kingston, ON

Dr. Susan Phillips’ upbringing was guided by three principles that encapsulate why she chose family medicine as a profession: always question; treat people equally and with dignity; and if you work hard, you can do anything. After initially struggling to find her calling, she studied physical sciences at the University of Guelph and medicine at […]

Dr. Eva Grunfeld/Dre Eva Grunfeld

Dr. Eva Grunfeld
Toronto, ON

Dr. Eva Grunfeld completed medical school at McMaster University, a doctorate in epidemiology at Oxford University, and a diploma in acupuncture through the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Since 2008 Dr. Grunfeld has been the Giblon Professor and Vice-Chair, Research, in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. She is […]

Dr. June Carroll/Dre June Carroll

Dr. June Carroll
Toronto, ON

Dr. June Carroll completed her medical degree and family medicine residency at the University of Toronto. As a student she found biology and genetics fascinating; she chose family medicine as a career for its diverse challenges, its involvement with patients over the entire life cycle, and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. […]