Dr. Gilles Brousseau
Gatineau, Quebec

After receiving his medical degree from the University of Montreal in 1982, Dr. Gilles Brousseau completed his postgraduate training at the Centre hospitalier de Verdun (Verdun Hospital) before settling in Gatineau, where he has been practising family medicine since 1983. Until September 2016 he was part of the medical team at the Saint-Alexandre Family Medicine […]

Dr Barb Zelek

Dr. Barbara Zelek
Marathon, Ontario

“Continuity of care and strengthening relationships with our patients matter. Understanding that family physicians are the backbone of our health care system, especially in rural communities, is something that has become even more evident during the pandemic.” Dr. Barbara Zelek is passionate about rural medicine and works tirelessly to ensure that the patients in her […]

Dr. Mario Dubuc

Dr. Mario Dubuc
Sherbrooke, Quebec

“Stay open to any opportunities that there may be to meet and be inspired by inspiring people, because it truly is an extraordinary wealth.” Over the past 40 years Dr. Mario Dubuc has distinguished himself through his medical knowledge, compassion, innovative ideas, collaborative spirit, interest in pedagogy, and profound dedication to his patients. Dr. Dubuc […]