Learn more about how family physicians responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada through rapid, high-impact innovations.

Learn more about how family physicians responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada through rapid, high-impact innovations.

In 2020 Co-RIG Phase I funding was awarded to 15 family medicine teams whose projects focused on affecting rapid and measurable benefits to patient communities across Canada.

Working over a period of six to 10 months, the 15 funded Co-RIG project teams developed or tested high-impact innovations that focused on critical challenges directly related to the pandemic. These included a focus on high-risk and vulnerable populations, continuous care for people with chronic conditions or mental health issues, practice enhancements, and data system integration.

Each project, while unique in approach, showcases the central role of family medicine in the nation’s COVID-19 pandemic response. Collectively, Co-RIG Phase I projects have reduced the impact of the pandemic by enhancing equity, integrating systems, accelerating practice innovations and strengthening continuity of care. Through the contributions of all Phase I teams, the Co-RIG program has effectively contributed to advancing family medicine.

Select one of the following titles to find details on specific Co-RIG Phase I projects:

Improving Primary Care: A COVID-19 integrated pathway
Dr. Fariba Aghajafari

Caring Community: Integrating peer support in homelessness during the pandemic
Dr. Antoine Boivin

Equitable Health Can’t Wait: Insights and recommendations for calming the COVID-19 storm at meat-packing plants
Dr. Annalee Coakley

Revolutionizing COVID-19 Data Collection: Infrastructure for rapid access to EMR data
Dr. Noah Crampton

A First Nation-Led COVID-19 Response: Coordinating integrated primary care
Dr. Lindsay Crowshoe

Innovating Case Management: Telehealth support for patients during COVID-19
Dr. Catherine Hudon

Integrating Urgent Mental Health and Addiction Services: Supporting vulnerable people in the primary care setting
Dr. Mohammed Hussain

Serving Patients with Complex Needs: An LGBTQ2S+ migrant health clinic and outreach program
Dr. Vania Jimenez

Innovating Concussion Assessments: A concussion exam tool for virtual visits in family medicine
Dr. Sharon Johnston

Extending Primary Care at Home: A comprehensive care model for COVID-19-positive patients
Dr. Dee Mangin

Reducing the Likelihood of Critical Illness: Assessing effectiveness of self-proning in COVID-19 patients
Dr. Roisin McElroy

Improving Care in the Shelter Community: The CARE Model
Dr. Aaron Orkin

Enhancing Support for Frail Adults During COVID-19: A contact monitoring pathway
Dr. Henry Siu

Supporting Palliative and End-of-Life Care During COVID-19: Prescribing practices in long-term care homes
Dr. Peter Tanuseputro

Enhancing Mental Health Supports During COVID-19: Evaluating self-care tools for older adults
Dr. Mark Yaffe