Roisin McElroy

Dr. Roisin McElroy

Project lead

Roisin McElroy, MD, MPH, CCFP (EM); physician, St. Joseph’s Health Centr

Project location

Toronto, Ontario

Project summary

As COVID-19 continues to spread, health care providers need more outpatient therapy options to prevent mild cases of COVID-19 from becoming more severe.

Dr. Roisin McElroy explored the potential for a self-proning and repositioning protocol to help family physicians support symptomatic COVID-19 patients in the home.

These simple physical maneuvers may be effective in preventing severe disease, allowing patients to recover at home without the need for hospitalization. A pilot trial will determine if this intervention can be tested in patients with COVID-19 being managed in the community.

A compelling aspect of this project is its practical contribution to research and testing of outpatient management strategies, which are critical tools in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 and protecting resources.

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