Dr. Howard Chodos
Ottawa, ON

Howard ChodosDr. Howard Chodos earned his PhD from the University of Manchester, England, in 1995. He currently works as an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Over the course of eight years at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Dr. Chodos led the development of the first Mental Health Strategy for Canada. His publication Changing Directions, Changing Lives is recognized as a comprehensive blueprint for addressing mental health and mental illness in Canada. This publication was preceded by a framework document published in 2009, Toward Recovery and Well-Being, which set out a vision for a transformed mental health system.

Dr. Chodos retired from the Commission in 2015, after completing the Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Practice, a practical resource to help make a recovery orientation a reality across the mental health system. Prior to joining the Commission, he was a senior analyst at the Library of Parliament research service where he was research director and lead author on the first national overview of mental health and mental illness, Out of the Shadows at Last (2006), produced under the leadership of Senator Michael Kirby.


Honorary Membership Award

Honorary Membership may be conferred upon individuals who are not family physicians in Canada. This honour recognizes physicians or members of the public who have made an outstanding contribution to the CFPC, the discipline of family medicine, the medical profession, or the health and well-being of the population in Canada and around the world.