Dr. Francine Lemire
Corner Brook, NL - 2023

Dr. L. Gutkin award 2023 winner Dr. Francine Lemire

With over 33 years in family medicine, Dr. Francine Lemire has made remarkable contributions to family medicine across Canada and in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. A particular highlight of her career in Corner Brook was in leading the organization of medical services for their 1999 Canada Winter Games.

Her tenure at the CFPC stands out as a testament to her dedication and leadership in the field. Holding the position of Executive Director and CEO, Dr. Lemire was key to numerous initiatives, such as bringing family medicine training into the future, modernizing examinations, and enhancing the emphasis on family medicine research. Under her guidance, the CFPC underwent a transformative governance review, streamlining its operations and ensuring its continued relevance in the ever-evolving field of medicine. She also oversaw the creation of the Besrour Centre for Global Family Medicine, enabling the CFPC to contribute to global family medicine education.

Moreover, with her at the helm, the FAFM matured into a significant charity, championing the cause and advancement of family medicine both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Lemire’s proficiency in both English and French has been pivotal in her advocacy efforts. She has actively shaped health policies, set standards for family medicine, and collaborated extensively with policy representatives and physician organizations.

In addition to her administrative and advocacy roles, Dr. Lemire has a rich academic background, engaging in both teaching and research. Her unwavering commitment to family medicine has not only elevated the CFPC’s stature but has also underscored the critical role family physicians play in Canada.


Calvin L. Gutkin Family Medicine Ambassador Award

The award recognizes a dynamic leader in Canadian family medicine distinguished for their vision, innovation, strong communication skills, and effective relationship building with national and international organizations and working groups that support and positively influence the everchanging role of the family physician and family medicine in Canada.