Dr. Guy Béland
Québec, QC - 2023

Dr. Guy Béland’s journey started with his medical training at Laval University, where he received his medical degree in 1979. Since that time, he has been involved in the practice of family medicine for more than four decades. This discipline fits perfectly with his philosophy on life, which is centred on listening, respect, and the understanding of individual needs. After having devoted a significant portion of his career to working in remote areas, including 12 years in Havre-St-Pierre, he practised in Quebec for 28 years. In addition to his commitments with respect to family medicine, Dr. Béland also acquired valuable experience by working in emergency rooms, practising hospital medicine, specializing in geriatric medicine, and providing home care.

Dr. Béland has not only excelled in clinical practice but has also played a key role in medical education. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in educating future physicians.

In addition to his clinical and educational achievements, Dr. Béland has also held leadership positions, including as director of the Department of Family and Emergency Medicine at Laval University for eight years. His ability to rally teams around common goals and to advocate for his patients and his specialty have been an invaluable asset in improving health care.

Dr. Béland is a true model of dedication, compassion, and leadership in the medical field, and he inspires generations of health professionals. His impressive career—characterized by his love for people, his unconditional respect for patients, and his commitment to family medicine—reminds us that this discipline is based first and foremost on a noble mission of service to individuals and their families.


Jean-Pierre Despins Award

This award, named in memory of Dr. Jean-Pierre Despins, CFPC President (1995–1996) and Chair of the Board of the CFPC’s Research and Education Foundation (1999– 2000), honours a CFPC family physician member identified as an outstanding advocate and public spokesperson for family medicine, family physicians, and their patients.