Dr. Rodney Crutcher
Victoria, BC

dr-rodney-crutcherDr. Rodney Crutcher started working in family practice in Calgary in 1981, and continued in this broadly-based teaching practice until June 2013. He was appointed as a clinical lecturer at the University of Calgary in 1981, and retired as a professor emeritus in 2014. While medical work is now a small part of his life, he mentors and supports educational development and scholarly efforts focused mainly on East Africa and South Sudan.

Dr. Crutcher graduated from the University of Calgary medical school in 1977, and then completed his family medicine residency in 1979. His roles in education included director of the Alberta International Medical Graduate Program (2001–2008), and director of the Sudanese Physician Reintegration Program (2005–2012). Dr. Crutcher’s research interests in medical education have included clinical competence assessment and health workforce efforts with a focus on family medicine graduate studies in Alberta.

Dr. Crutcher chose family medicine because he felt it was a great health-focused way to improve the lot of individuals, families, and communities. The rewards of sustained relationships with patients have been the gift he hoped for when starting out in family medicine.


Lifetime Achievement in Family Medicine Research Award

These awards honour individuals who are trailblazers and leaders in family medicine research, and who have made a significant career contribution to family medicine research during their active career years. These awards give public recognition to both their work and to the discipline of family medicine.