Dr. Meredith McKague
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Image of 2021 Family Physician of the Year Dr. Meredith McKague

“Medical education is a big part of my practice and an area where I believe we make important contributions as family physicians. I work in a clinical practice where we train residents and other learners every day. It is important to me to ensure that ourup- and-coming physicians have a supportive environment for learning.”

Colleagues describe Dr. Meredith McKague as a strong, supportive role model who leads by example and greatly influences future generations of physicians and the profession.

Dr. McKague discovered the joy of teaching early in her career. Working closely with medical learners at a community health centre in Calgary, she realized she could play a role in helping them become compassionate practitioners.

Drawing on this early experience, in 2002 Dr. McKague joined the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine as the undergraduate director of the Department of Academic Family Medicine. Today she is the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education. She enjoys teaching and supervising residents and clerks in the Saskatoon Family Medicine Unit.

While Dr. McKague has always been a committed and exemplary teacher in the College of Medicine, she has also had a significant positive impact on undergraduate medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic. She used a recent sabbatical to partner with medical students on the Student-Senior Isolation Prevention Partnership. The initiative saw more than 50 medical students identify and respond to the needs of seniors in the community. The partnership’s student lead, Masooma Bhatti, said Dr. McKague “inspired us to continue to work toward our goals and believe that nothing is impossible when you have a passion and drive for success.”

As a clinician, Dr. McKague provides integrated patient care as part of her family practice. Her research interests include the evaluation of undergraduate medical education and clinical initiatives in primary health care, including a recent project with colleagues and learners on supporting early childhood literacy.

Dr. McKague completed her medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1994, her postgraduate training in family medicine at Queen’s University in 1996, and a master of science in health care research at the University of Calgary in 2000.


Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year –
The Reg L. Perkin Award

Since 1972, the CFPC and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine have honoured family physician members who exemplify the guiding principles of family medicine. Initially, one award recipient was selected to receive the Family Physician of the Year (FPOY) Award each year. Since 2002, 10 family physicians have been recognized annually—one representing each CFPC Chapter.

Canada’s FPOYs are chosen by their peers, other health care colleagues, and community leaders for:

  • Providing exceptional care to their patients
  • Making meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of their communities
  • Dedicating themselves as researchers and educators of future generations of family doctors

FPOY recipients must exemplify the four principles of family medicine:

  • Be skilled clinicians
  • Be community based
  • Act as a resource to a practice population
  • Recognize the central importance of the doctor-patient relationship

CFPC Chapters review nominations and select the FPOY for their respective provinces. The provincial FPOYs are honoured at their respective Annual Scientific Assemblies or Annual General Meetings. The national FPOYs are honoured at the annual CFPC Family Medicine Forum.