Dr. Cynthia Landy
Calgary, Alberta

Image of 2019 Family Physician of the Year Dr. Cynthia LandyDuring her medical education at the University of Calgary students were taught every system of the body, one at a time. Dr. Cynthia Landy found each one fascinating, and in the end wanted to practise in all areas of medicine. After her first year of residency, an elective in rural family medicine showed her what was possible: a full-scope practice providing acute care and preventative medicine, treating young and old patients, tending to physical and emotional health, and practising diagnostic and procedural skills.

A community-based family physician, Dr. Landy is the Medical Director of the South Calgary Primary Care Network Circle Medical Clinic. She is also a clinical associate professor and Educational Lead for the Circle Medical Core Site for the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine. She is a primary preceptor to an R1 and an R2 family medicine resident each year, and when she’s able she takes on additional residents and medical students for clinical electives.

As a resident she fell in love with breastfeeding medicine and went on the become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She then partnered with her primary care network to create a multidisciplinary breastfeeding clinic. In her current practice she sees patients for breastfeeding issues and mentors colleagues who are training to become lactation consultants. She also sits on Alberta Health Services committees that create breastfeeding referral pathways and policies on the assessment and treatment of tongue ties in infants. Passionate about physician wellness, Dr. Landy wants physicians to support one another in caring for themselves while they take care of others.

Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year –
The Reg L. Perkin Award

Since 1972, the CFPC and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine have honoured family physician members who exemplify the guiding principles of family medicine. Initially, one award recipient was selected to receive the Family Physician of the Year (FPOY) Award each year. Since 2002, 10 family physicians have been recognized annually—one representing each CFPC Chapter.

Canada’s FPOYs are chosen by their peers, other health care colleagues, and community leaders for:

  • Providing exceptional care to their patients
  • Making meaningful contributions to the health and well-being of their communities
  • Dedicating themselves as researchers and educators of future generations of family doctors

FPOY recipients must exemplify the four principles of family medicine:

  • Be skilled clinicians
  • Be community based
  • Act as a resource to a practice population
  • Recognize the central importance of the doctor-patient relationship

CFPC Chapters review nominations and select the FPOY for their respective provinces. The provincial FPOYs are honoured at their respective Annual Scientific Assemblies or Annual General Meetings. The national FPOYs are honoured at the annual CFPC Family Medicine Forum.