Dr. Ivy Oandasan
North York, ON

2013-draDr. Ivy Oandasan is the 2013 recipient of the Donald I. Rice Award. This award recognizes an outstanding CFPC family physician who has contributed to teaching, vision, and leadership in the discipline of family medicine.

Dr. Oandasan has been practising and teaching family medicine at Toronto Western Hospital since 1997. She is an associate professor and clinician investigator with the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto in Ontario.

Passionate about enhancing the education provided to health professional learners, Dr. Oandasan’s main academic area of interest has been curriculum development and research related to interprofessional and competency-based education. She has been widely published and frequently presents at conferences and other industry events. Dr. Oandasan also has a track record of successfully acquiring peer-reviewed grant funding for research projects.

Interested in the pursuit of educational policy at a systems level, Dr. Oandasan has both led and been involved in numerous initiatives locally, nationally, and internationally. She grounds her scholarly pursuits in the experiences she has gained as a family physician, family medicine educator, family medicine educational researcher, and CFPC administrator.

A proud member of the CFPC, Dr. Oandasan has participated with a number of committees, including the Accreditation Committee. She has served as a CFPC board member, has been a member of the Section of Researchers and the Section of Teachers, and has chaired the Section of Teachers’ Executive. In her current position of Associate Director of Academic Family Medicine at the CFPC, she leads the implementation of the renewed postgraduate family medicine education curriculum in Canada, the Triple C Competency-based Curriculum.


Donald I. Rice Award

This award is named in memory of Dr. Donald I. Rice, Executive Director of the CFPC from 1965 to 1985. The award recognizes outstanding family physician members of the College for their contributions to teaching, for their vision, and for their leadership in the discipline of family medicine.