Fundraising Priorities

The FAFM is implementing a more streamlined fundraising approach to focus its greatest support on priority awards and initiatives. The five fundraising priorities listed below are our most important initiatives in making the necessary strides for improving patient care both domestically and internationally.

By donating to the Foundation, you are supporting family physicians in the pursuit of education, research, and service through philanthropy!

General Fund

Donations made to the General Fund support the Foundation’s priority initiatives in greatest need.

Patient Self-Management

Donations made to Patient Self-Management support resources for family doctors and their patients, such as our Prevention in Hand Program.

Patient’s Medical Home

Donations made to the Patient’s Medical Home support a team or network of family doctors and other health care professionals working together to provide and coordinate a comprehensive range of medical and health care services appropriate to the needs of that practice’s patients and the communities it serves.

Family Medicine Education

Donations made to family medicine education support education, research, and teaching initiatives such as the Scholarly Work in Family Medicine Education Grant.

Family Medicine Research

Family medicine research is the basis on which family medicine is built. It produces the evidence that supports clinical practice and helps promote the value of family medicine as a cornerstone of the Canadian health care system. Donations made to family medicine research support the production, synthesis, and transfer of these results into best practice approaches to patient care.

The Besrour Centre

Donations made to The Besrour Centre foster collaboration around the world, and support the advancement of family medicine.

Visit the Besrour Centre web pages to learn more.